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The 1st International Workshop on Multiagent-based Societal Systems

To be held in conjunction with the Twelfth International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (AAMAS 2013), Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA, 6th-10th May 2013.

Call for Papers


  • [General Chair]   Hideyuki Nakashima,    President, Future University of Hakodate, Japan
  • [PC Chair]   Takayuki Ito,    Associate Professor, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan
  • Ryo Kanamori,    Research Associate Professor, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan


  • Quan Bai  (Auckland University of Technologies)
  • Shantanu Chakraborty  (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
  • Naoki Fukuta   (Shizuoka University)
  • Enrico Gerding  (University of Southampton)
  • Keiji Hirata  (Future University of Hakodate)
  • Enrique de la Hoz   (University of Alcala)
  • Hidenori Kawamura  (Hokkaido University)
  • Hitoshi Koshiba  (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
  • Jun-young Kwak   (University of Southern California)
  • Ivan Marsa-Maestre   (University of Alcala)
  • Hitoshi Matsubara  (Future University of Hakodate)
  • Itsuki Noda  (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
  • Fenghui Ren  (University of Wollongong)
  • Valentin Robu  (University of Southampton)
  • Shoji Sano  (Future University of Hakodate)
  • Yoh Shiraishi  (Future University of Hakodate)
  • Milind Tambe   (University of Southern California)
  • Pradeep Varakantham   (Singapore Management University)
  • Tomohisa Yamashita  (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
  • Dayong Ye  (Woollongong University)
  • Zhengyu Yin  (University of Southern California)
  • Minjie Zhang  (University of Wollongong)


  • Submission deadline:   February 14, 2013
  • Notification of acceptance:   March 1, 2013
  • Submission deadline of modified paper:   March 8, 2013


MASS2013 is the international workshop on advances in theory, systems, simulations, and real-world applications for multiagent-based societal systems. The field of Multiagentbased Societal Systems is a new interdisciplinary field that aims to apply techniques from multiagent systems and related disciplines (for example, smart grid, green computing, life innovation, smart elderly care systems, etc.) to the balancing of environmental, economic, and societal needs, in order to support sustainable development and a sustainable future. Research in Multiagent-based Societal Systems is inherently interdisciplinary: it brings together multiagent computational fields and a variety of fields with a long tradition in the study of smart city problems, such as environmental sciences, biology, economics, and sociology. Multiagent systems, in particular, can play a key role in addressing challenges in smart computing.
MASS2013 will discuss, among others, the following aspects and topics of the field of Multiagent-based Societal Systems, which have distinct relationships with AAMAS main conference topics:

  • Power-aware Systems and Applications
  • Distributed Coordination of Resources
  • Systems, Applications and Services for Accessibility and Personal Autonomy
  • Use of Sensors for Environmental Monitoring
  • Urban Computing for Sustainability
  • Green Computing
  • Sustainable computing
  • Next-generation transportation systems
  • Next-generation logistics
  • Smart Grids
  • Energy supply
  • Demand control
  • City design
  • Smart Home
  • Smart City
  • Smart Planet
  • Consensus and Negotiation by Civilians
  • Collective Intelligence for Green Computing


Papers will be peer-reviewed by at least two referees from a group of reviewers selected by the workshop organizers with the help of the program committee.
Authors can submit papers (maximum length 8 pages) in PDF format through the Easychair system at:

Camera-ready papers should follow the ACM proceedings guidelines, which is same formats of the main conference papers. Please download the appropriate instructions and templates from the following site:


We have chance to publish "joint agent special issue" from JACIII(Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics).


The conference will be held at the Crowne Plaza, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

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