We aim for realization of information mechanism can be a central nerve of society by predicting the "little ahead of the Future", increasing happiness of society and harnessing the collective intelligence of the people on the web.

In particular, we aim to realize a mechanism, such as lead the individual action to socially desirable direction by giving them incentives and social rules properly and dynamic based on the multi-agent system technology.

Such as smart city and smart grids that have been recently attracted attention, it has been expected to be applied to the future of urban design and the power network.
We study the researches on next generation social information system in the field of artificial intelligence. Our area of research is wide, and we achieve significant results.

Large-scale Collaboration

Automated Negotiating Agent

Game Theory

Parking Simulation

Traffic Simulation PDF

Electlicity Management

  • 第12回ITSシンポジウム,優秀論文賞受賞, 2014
  • JAWS2014 発表賞
  • IEEE Computer Society Japan Chapter JAWS Young Researcher Award 受賞, 2014
  • 電子情報通信学会東海支部学生研究奨励賞を受賞, 2014
  • 情報処理学会東海支部学生奨励賞,2014
  • キャンパスベンチャーグランプリ中部 努力賞 受賞, 2014
  • 電気学会優秀論文発表賞B賞 受賞, 2014
  • 第11回情報科学技術フォーラム(FIT2012), FIT奨励賞
  • IJCAI SSMCS Workshop, The Best Student Paper Award, 2012
  • 名古屋工業大学コミュニティ創世教育研究センター, コミュニティ高額アウォード2012 B部門奨励賞(2件)
  • 名古屋市新事業支援センター, 平成24年度大学発ベンチャーグランプリ奨励賞
  • 平成24年度電気関係学会東海支部連合大会, IEEE名古屋支部学生奨励賞
  • JAW'S2012(Joint Agent Workshop&Symposium 2012)企業賞
  • 情報処理学会第74回全国大会, 大会奨励賞, 2012
  • 2011年度人工知能学会研究会, 優秀賞
  • 第74回情報処理学会全国大会, 学生奨励賞(5件)
  • JSAI SIG Research Award 2010 人工知能学会研究会, 優秀賞
  • 第9回キャンパスベンチャーグランプリ, 中部特別賞中部産業人クラブ会長賞
  • 情報処理学会推奨修士論文認定, 2011年ベスト学生発表賞, InternationalWorkshoponAgent-based
  • ComplexAutomatedNegotiations(ACAN2011), 2011
  • 第73回情報処理学会全国大会学生奨励賞, 2010
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  • 人工知能学会全国大会, 優秀賞, 2010
  • 情報処理学会推奨修士論文認定, 2010
  • 第72回情報処理学会全国大会, 学生奨励賞, 2016

    This is Building No.4 where our laboratory is located.The clean environment enables us to research comfortably.

    If you get off an elevator at 7th floor in building No.4, turn right and go straight, you will see the laboratory.Room 706 is Takayuki Ito room. Room 702 is PhD student room. Room 708 is secretary and master student room. Room 705 is bachelor and international student room. Room 701 is meeting room. Room 712 is visiting lecturer room.

    It has a conducive research environment.
    Febuary and March Training for newcomers

    Our teachers and seniors teach required skills and knowledge for researches.

    April Cherry blossom viewing

    Cherry blossom viewing is held with other laboratories in Tsuruma park. Teachers and students deepen exchanges each other.

    August Summer camp

    All laboratory members discuss individual researches. We also take advices from teachers and students at other laboratories for future researches.

    December Year-end party

    Deadline of our graduation paper is on December in Takayuki Ito laboratory. Students expected to graduate complete their graduation theses. We celebrate the submission of their graduation theses in year-end party.

    Febuary Presentation of graduation theses

    The students make their presentation about their researches to professors. The professors judge whether the students can graduate or not.

    Febuary Winter camp

    We go to winter camp after the presentation of our graduation theses for refreshment. We enjoy skiing and snowboarding in Nagano, Hokkaido or etc.

    March Graduation ceremony

    Congratulations on graduation!